I love naptime

Posted by Tonya on 09:10 PM, 09-Oct-11

Ah...naptime. The amazing wonderful peaceful two hours of the day that I have to do anything I want. Yep, its my time to get things accomplished, my time to do homework, my time to zzzzzzz.... Oh well.

Deceptively delicious

Posted by Tonya on 08:04 PM, 09-Oct-11

Yesterday, for breakfast, Ben had sweet potato pancakes, snack was a bean and lettuce tortilla wrap, lunch, a veggieburger and a salad, and for dinner we made sub sandwiches with 6 different veggies inside...maybe 5 if pickles don't count. Eating healthy can be fun, and it feels really good to know my little guy is getting into a really good... [Read More]

Lifestyle changes

Posted by Tonya on 05:28 PM, 09-Oct-11

We need to completely change the way we eat. For our son mostly, a child with aspergers syndrome (http://www.webmd.com/brain/autism/mental-health-aspergers-syndrome) doesnt like change at all though. We're from the south where everything is fried right out of the can. When Ben first started solid foods, I asked his pediatritian how to get him to eat his veggies, she said, "When in... [Read More]